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Jason Medlock
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Based in Houston, Texas, Jason Medlock is a distinguished mindset-performance coach, Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnotist, and energy healer whose comprehensive expertise spans several spiritual and personal development modalities. His profound understanding of human potential and a relentless passion for empowering others have fueled his mission to assist business owners, athletes, and individuals to become exemplary leaders. Medlock's unique approach ensures his clients achieve their goals with unwavering confidence, enabling them to lead by example and significantly increase their personal and professional abundance.

Medlock’s journey into coaching and spiritual exploration was inspired by his rich background in athletics and a successful career across diverse business domains. Known for his strategic prowess in scaling businesses from inception to multi-million-dollar entities, his athletic discipline has also been a cornerstone, unlocking many opportunities and insights that have enriched his coaching philosophy.

His seminal book, Empowered by Consciousness, encapsulates his journey and expertise into a transformative guide for self-discovery and personal development. The book simplifies complex concepts and offers practical techniques for application, serving as a roadmap for anyone seeking to deepen their self-awareness and harness their ability to shape their reality.

Beyond his written work, Medlock has developed Expansion of Consciousness, Hypnos Awakening, and The Mental Game Plan, platforms dedicated to supporting individuals interested in expanding their conscious awareness and achieving extraordinary self-improvement. Utilizing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠principles, these initiatives allow people to access profound parts of themselves that hold all answers to their life's questions, fostering a clearer understanding of their existence and facilitating significant personal change.


Medlock has undergone specialized training with some of the top spiritual teachers worldwide, a testament to his commitment to personal and spiritual growth. His certifications as a Remote Viewer, Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Master Level Oracle Master, and Certified Level 3 Galactic Energy Healer, alongside extensive research on Astral Projection, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness showcase his dedication to mastering a broad spectrum of spiritual disciplines. This extensive training reassures his clients and audience of his deep understanding and expertise in the field.


Medlock's academic achievements complement his extensive professional and spiritual training. He holds a B.A. from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, an MLA from Texas Christian University, and an MBA from Washington State University. His approach is not just about achieving success in the conventional sense but about fostering a deeper connection with one’s authentic self, unlocking potential, and creating a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


Jason Medlock's life work is a beacon for those seeking to live authentically and in alignment with their highest aspirations. It provides guidance, wisdom, and practical tools for navigating life's journey with confidence and clarity.


  • 1994: Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Radio, Television & Film at the University of Nevada Las Vegas

    • Developed a comprehensive understanding of communication theory, media analysis, and the cultural impact of media.

    • Acquired technical skills in audio and video production, including editing, cinematography, and sound design.

    • Participated in collaborative projects that simulated real-world media production environments, honing teamwork and leadership abilities.

  • 2000-2001: Masters of Liberal Arts and Humanities at Texas Christian University

    • Explored interdisciplinary approaches to understanding human culture, history, and creative expression.

    • Engaged in critical thinking and analytical writing, enhancing abilities to articulate complex ideas clearly.

    • Studied a diverse curriculum that included philosophy, literature, and art, fostering a broad intellectual perspective.

  • 2015-2016: Executive MBA – Marketing at Washington State University

    • Mastered advanced concepts in strategic marketing, brand management, and market research.

    • Developed leadership skills for high-level management positions, focusing on innovation and effective decision-making.

    • Engaged in real-world business simulations and projects, applying theoretical knowledge to practical business challenges.

  • 2019-2020: Project Management Professional (PMP) at the Project Management Institution

    • Achieved a globally recognized certification, demonstrating expertise in project management methodologies.

    • Developed skills in planning, executing, and monitoring complex projects across various industries.

    • Learned to manage project teams, budgets, and resources effectively, ensuring project objectives are met within constraints.

  • 2020: Channeling Training – Magenta Sun Healing instructed by Spiritual Teacher Chloe Moers

    • Trained in spiritual communication techniques to connect with higher consciousness and spiritual guides.

    • Cultivated intuitive skills and sensitivity to energy, enhancing personal growth and healing abilities.

    • Learned to facilitate channeling sessions, providing insights and guidance for individuals seeking spiritual direction.

  • 2020: Level 1 Galactic Energy Healer – Magenta Sun Healing instructed by Spiritual Teacher Chloe Moers

    • Initiated into the practice of galactic energy healing, focusing on harnessing cosmic energies for therapeutic use.

    • Developed foundational techniques for energy balancing and clearing, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

    • Gained insights into the energetic anatomy of the human body, learning to identify and treat energetic imbalances.

  • 2021: Level 2 Galactic Energy Healer – Magenta Sun Healing

    • Advanced training in galactic energy healing, deepening understanding of cosmic energy systems and healing modalities.

    • Learned specialized techniques for addressing complex energetic issues, facilitating deeper healing and transformation.

    • Enhanced ability to connect with and channel higher dimensional energies for the purpose of healing and guidance.

  • 2021: Certified Scientific Remote Viewer – 3DGMS, LLC instructed by Tony Sivalelli

    • Certified in the disciplined practice of remote viewing, employing protocols for obtaining information across time and space.

    • Trained to enhance psychic abilities through structured methodologies, improving accuracy and reliability of psychic insights.

    • Engaged in practical exercises and assessments, demonstrating proficiency in remote viewing applications.

  • 2022: Certified Associate Remote Viewer – Intuitive Insights Hawaii, instructed by David Wallace

    • Achieved certification in associative remote viewing, focusing on the application of intuition for information gathering and decision-making.

    • Developed skills in using remote viewing for practical purposes, such as locating objects or viewing events at a distance.

    • Participated in advanced training sessions, honing abilities to access and interpret intuitive information accurately.

  • 2022: Level 3 Galactic Energy Healer – Magenta Sun Healing

    • Mastered the highest level of galactic energy healing, demonstrating exceptional skill in energy manipulation and therapeutic techniques.

    • Learned to conduct complex healing sessions, addressing spiritual, karmic, and ancestral issues through energy work.

    • Gained proficiency in integrating multiple healing modalities, offering comprehensive energy healing services.

  • 2022: Oracle Master – Oracle Owen Psychic Medium training

    • Achieved mastery in using oracular and mediumistic skills, under the guidance of renowned psychic medium Oracle Owen.

    • Developed advanced psychic abilities, enabling deep connections with the spirit world for guidance and messages.

    • Trained in various divination tools and techniques, enhancing the ability to provide accurate and insightful readings.

  • 2022: QHHT® Practitioner – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique By Dolores Cannon

    • Certified in QHHT®, a specialized form of hypnosis focusing on past life regression and subconscious exploration for healing.

    • Learned to guide clients to profound states of hypnosis, accessing deep insights for personal growth and healing.

    • Trained in Dolores Cannon's unique methodology, facilitating transformative experiences through quantum healing techniques.

  • 2022: Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Solutions In Mind, ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy)

    • Obtained certification in hypnotherapy, equipped with a range of techniques for therapeutic change and subconscious influence.

    • Skilled in designing and delivering hypnotherapy sessions tailored to individual needs, addressing issues such as anxiety, phobias, and habits.

    • Committed to ethical practice and ongoing professional development, ensuring the highest standards of care in hypnotherapy services.

Jason Medlock
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Expansion of Consciousness, a platform created by Mr. Medlock, is dedicated to empowering individuals seeking to enhance their conscious awareness and significantly improve their daily lives. Drawing from his own athletic journey and transformative business experiences, Mr. Medlock designed this platform to provide comprehensive support and guidance. Within the Expansion of Consciousness platform, Hypnos Awakening stands as a pioneering approach rooted in the principles of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®).


Through Hypnos Awakening, individuals have the opportunity to connect with their deeper selves, such as the Higher Self, the Over-Soul, or the Super Conscious. This process enables clients to gain remarkable clarity and understanding regarding the underlying reasons behind their life circumstances. By accessing this profound wisdom, individuals are empowered to catalyze transformative change within themselves. Leveraging his knowledge of the subconscious mind and combining it with other modalities, Mr. Medlock utilizes his expertise to coach executives, athletes, business owners, and everyday individuals, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

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Interviewing Jason Medlock, Mindset Coach and Author, would be highly beneficial due to his expertise in quantum healing hypnosis. With a unique approach to helping individuals achieve their goals and double their abundance, Medlock's guidance is inspiring. Through visualization, positive affirmations, and tailored techniques, he empowers clients to develop unshakable confidence and overcome limiting beliefs.


Medlock's passion, dedication, and experience working with various clientele, including business owners and athletes, make his insights relatable and applicable to many individuals seeking personal growth. By delving into the subconscious mind, he helps clients uncover and address the root causes of challenges, resulting in lasting transformation. Interviewing Medlock would provide readers with practical strategies and actionable steps for personal growth, enhanced self-belief, and achieving long-term success.

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