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A Comprehensive Guide to Mental  Training for Athletes and Coaches

The Mental Game Plan


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The Mental
Game Plan

A Comprehensive Guide to Mental 
Training for Athletes and Coaches

This is a pivotal moment for athletes and coaches to redefine their

mental strategies and discover innovative paths

to peak performance and resilience.

In "The Mental Game Plan: A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Training for Athletes and Coaches," bestselling author Jason Medlock invites athletes and coaches into the transformative world of mental training, a realm just as critical to sports success as physical prowess. With his unique background as a professional athlete, former NFLPA, NBAPA & CFLPA sports agent, and collegiate assistant vice president of advancement for athletics, coupled with personal experiences as a coach, skill trainer, and a father of Division 1 student-athletes, Medlock offers an unparalleled perspective on the mental challenges and solutions in competitive sports.


Drawing from his extensive experience across various levels of athletic performance, Medlock introduces readers to the foundational aspects of mental training, emphasizing its importance in achieving peak sports performance. He delves into proven strategies like visualization, goal setting, positive self-talk, and mindfulness, presenting them through a lens that combines his deep understanding of athletic needs with practical applications. These techniques are not just theoretical; they are the culmination of years of firsthand experience and observations, designed to enhance focus, boost confidence, and cultivate emotional resilience.

"The Mental Game Plan" is more than a guide; it's a mentorship journey. Medlock addresses common mental barriers such as anxiety, self-doubt, and the pressure of competition, offering readers a roadmap to overcome these hurdles. His approach is holistic, considering the intricate details of physical performance, such as hip movement and flexibility, and their impact on mental well-being.

For coaches, this book is a treasure trove of insights on fostering a positive team culture, promoting effective communication, and building mental toughness in athletes. For athletes, it offers a way to unlock their mental and physical potential, pushing past limits they once saw as insurmountable.

Embark on this journey with Jason Medlock to master your mental game, elevate your performance, and transform your athletic career. "The Mental Game Plan" equips you with the tools to not just compete, but to truly excel and achieve greatness in your sporting endeavors.



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Sign-up for our exclusive "The Mental Game Plan" workshop, tailored for athletes and coaches seeking to elevate their mental game. Download our discussion guide and enjoy a complimentary 30-minute workshop call with author Jason Medlock. Dive deep into the strategies that set elite performers apart. Contact us to reserve your spot and transform your mental approach to sports. Don't miss this chance to learn directly from a master of sports mindset performance.

Speaker One Sheet

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Attention, athletes and coaches! Are you prepared to transform not only your game but your life?

We're thrilled to unveil "The Elite Athlete's Mindset Blueprint: A 12-Week Journey to Mental Excellence in Sports," a groundbreaking program aimed at shattering your mental barriers, enhancing resilience, and revealing the full scope of your athletic capabilities.

Picture waking up every day fueled with unwavering confidence, clarity, and the unstoppable motivation to not only meet your goals but exceed them. Imagine mastering the mental game, navigating challenges with grace, and manifesting success on and off the field.

This is the breakthrough you've been waiting for with "The Elite Athlete's Mindset Blueprint." Join us on this epic journey of growth and empowerment, where the transformation of your mindset will ignite unparalleled performance and achievements.


 "The Elite Athlete's Mindset Blueprint: A 12-Week Journey to Mental Excellence in Sports." This program is meticulously crafted for athletes and coaches seeking to master the mental aspects of sports performance, combining targeted mental training strategies with actionable insights to unlock unparalleled athletic prowess.

Week 1: Awakening Your Athletic Mindset
Begin your transformative journey by uncovering the depths of your mental fortitude. Identify limiting beliefs specific to sports performance, learn the foundations of a winning mindset, and start tapping into your inner power with proven mental exercises.

Week 2: Cultivating Success-Oriented Thinking
Focus on restructuring your mindset to embrace success. Engage with exercises in guided visualizations and affirmations tailored to athletes, replacing self-doubt with unshakeable confidence and a growth-oriented outlook.

Week 3: Building Unbreakable Resilience
Explore techniques to fortify your resilience, crucial for overcoming sports-related adversities. Develop a toolkit for stress management, recovery, and maintaining a positive mindset through setbacks.

Week 4: Overcoming Mental Barriers in Sports
Identify and dismantle the self-limiting beliefs that hinder athletic performance. Learn to reframe negative thoughts, fostering a self-belief system that supports sports excellence.

Week 5: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence on the Field
Dive into the role of emotional intelligence in sports, enhancing your ability to understand, use, and manage emotions to improve decision-making, leadership, and team dynamics.

Week 6: Strengthening Athlete Relationships
Examine the dynamics of athlete relationships, from teammates to coaches. Work on communication skills, empathy, and setting boundaries to build supportive and empowering sports relationships.

Week 7: Unlocking Creativity in Game Strategies
Tap into your creative potential to innovate game strategies and solve problems. Exercises in lateral thinking and creative visualization will expand your approach to challenges.

Week 8: Embracing Authenticity in Performance
Discover the power of authenticity in enhancing sports performance. Exercises focused on self-discovery will guide you to align your athletic pursuits with your true self, optimizing personal satisfaction and performance.

Week 9: Fostering an Abundance Mindset for Athletes
Shift from scarcity to abundance thinking in your sports career. Learn practices to cultivate gratitude, recognize opportunities, and attract success and fulfillment.

Week 10: Visioning Success and Goal Achievement
Craft a compelling vision for your athletic future. Set strategic, measurable goals for training and competition, developing a clear, focused pathway to achieving your sports aspirations.

Week 11: Prioritizing Self-Care for Peak Performance
Integrate self-care practices tailored for athletes into your routine. Focus on mindfulness, nutrition, and rest to ensure your physical and mental well-being supports sustained high performance.

Week 12: Cementing Your Elite Athlete's Mindset
Reflect on your journey and plan for sustained growth beyond the program. Learn strategies for continuous mental training, self-motivation, and applying your newfound mindset to future challenges in sports and life.

Throughout "The Elite Athlete's Mindset Blueprint," participants will receive personalized coaching, weekly worksheets for deep reflection and application, guided meditations specific to sports performance, and motivational affirmations to reinforce the mental training. This program is a course and a transformative experience designed to elevate athletes and coaches to new heights of mental and physical excellence.

Your extraordinary future awaits. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your mindset and unlock your potential. Click the link above and let your transformation begin!

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