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Updated: Feb 5

Reflections on the Year 2023

My journey has taken me to new levels of consistency while working to accomplish many goals using God's gifts to achieve what is for me. When I say using God's gifts, I'm referring to the beautiful spiritual modalities (practices) available to all of us to absorb and learn. I started the year off with a few things in mind. I wanted to increase my abundance in my mindset coaching and hypnotherapy business and finish writing my book, Empowered by Consciousness.

As a practitioner of spiritual modalities, the business can be up and down. Sometimes, I find myself stuck in a rut because of my unique abilities:

  • Healing.

  • Discovering how to reach a safe place and defuse all the noise.

  • Developing this incredible connection with a source.

All these wonderful feelings of accomplishment fall on deaf ears when you are trying to make a living delivering this work to those in need.

People don't understand your value when you use non-traditional healing methods. Our society is so deaf to spiritual practices that working in this field can be challenging. On top of this, as practitioners, we feel that charging for our services goes against the giving nature of God. We are all sources of love, so it becomes hard to change when you think everything in this world should be free.

On the other hand, we are here to live a life and learn in this life. A part of this life is growing as a person and understanding how to thrive in the society of this life. When I say thrive, that means spiritual success, economic success, success at understanding love, success at understanding how to deal with situations, and just about any emotions that come from being incarnated in a human avatar.

But as I reflect on this year, I found that sweet spot working with clients and keeping a steady business flow. Using meditation, manifestation, and self-hypnosis has always allowed me to maintain a high vibration, which translates into attracting clients who are vibrating at your level and need your services. This is a proven technique that I have shared with clients and on my podcast, "Expansion of Consciousness."

I used similar techniques as I finished finishing my book during the spring months of 2023. I experienced a lack of focus and fatigue while putting the finishing touches on Empowered by Consciousness. I always used techniques I learned on my journey and taught to my students. Techniques like PQ reps help recalibrate my mind to handle a known emotion that can wreck the process of completing my book. I'd rub two fingertips together gently, so gently that I could feel the ridges of my skin.  

Then, I would listen to the furthest thing from me for about 3-5 secs. Then, the closest thing to me for about 3-5 seconds. This technique lets me stop procrastinating immediately, being bored, upset, or flustered. If I felt it coming on, I would do a PQ rep and continue to work at a high level. While researching information for the book, I found that relaxing my mind periodically allowed me the patience to take my mind to find the exact quote that I needed.

As spring moved into the summer, my completed version of my book was turned over to my publishing and marketing company (PRESStinely Publishing) so they could start preparing the book for release the second week in October. Working with Kristen and Maira was an absolute thrill; I learned so much, and I instantly knew I had been taken advantage of by the previous publishing firm in Houston, TX.

Now that all the spiritual practices I've studied have been integrated into my hypnosis and coaching practice, customers receive the best of both worlds. I've been able to change the mindset of those who were looking to evolve their thought process around business deals, viewpoints on relationships, and getting more real estate clients; just about anything you can think of was within reach for the people I was working with.

The feeling of success from your clients is an unmatched joy that fills my heart and motivates me to continue researching the subconscious mind and how Consciousness plays a role in reaching higher levels of personal development.  

The October book launch was a complete success. According to Amazon analytics, Empowered by Consciousness was an Amazon best-seller and national best-seller within a one-week time frame. The support was overwhelming, and I was so encouraged by the number of people who bought and are reading the book. So many nuggets in the book help anybody better understand topics that have always been elusive to them.

I have appeared on at least 20 podcasts during October and November 2023, promoting my services and book. As practitioners, we must constantly share our services and conversations on healing the mind and helping others create a better life. Now that I can take a break and reflect on my accomplishments, I can't help but think of what I can achieve in 2024. Such an idea that comes to mind is my love of real estate.

I will be using all that I have learned and merging something I have always loved with my passion: the study of Consciousness and the subconscious mind. Instead of separating the two professions, I am currently involved with, I will integrate all my knowledge to teach realtors how to achieve anything they want using my mindset performance method for free when they join my commercial and residential real estate group.

Always continue to be creative with your life,

always visualize success, abundance, love, and most importantly,

your ability to make anything you want come true!

As I begin to wrap up this year, I reflect on all the things that I have learned. I had to learn to:

  • Block out things that are useless to me and cannot help me in my journey.

  • Persevere when things don't look too good.

  • Continue to love. 

  • Remind myself that I AM.

  • Get rid of a few bad habits.

  • Trust my intuition even more.

  • Know that change is good.

Have an excellent end to your 2023!

Jason Medlock

Mindset Transformational Coach

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